Money Saving Tips while Traveling Abroad

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Whether you are a simple backpacker trying to see the world or just trying to get the most bang for your buck from your holiday, there are several ways to make sure that you aren’t paying over the odds while you’re abroad.  Making your money stretch as far as possible can be honed into an art form by those truly dedicated to watching the pennies, but here we have a few simple tips for getting the best deal during your holiday.

Exchanging Currency

This is one of the most common ways in which people can get stung for cash, both before they go on holiday and when they are in the destination itself.  The rates of exchange to a local currency can vary greatly, and it is always wise to arrange some currency before you travel.  Many banks will offer a currency ordering facility for their customers, but it is always wise to shop around, as many independent currency sellers will often have a much more competitive rate of exchange.


Once you have arrived at your holiday destination, you may also need to exchange more currency, and it is worth noting that hotels and airports will often be the most convenient, but have poor exchange rates.  Most cities will have an area where there are several money changers, and shopping around can help you to get the best deal too.

A Bank Account Designed For Traveling

If you regularly travel abroad then the basic bank account may not always be the best one for you, with charges for using your debit card or credit card mounting up quickly, particularly on a long trip.  When you learn more about Lloyds bank accounts you will see that several offer travel insurance and reduced international card usage charges for a monthly fee, so by comparing the charges with savings it can sometimes be cheaper to go for a packaged account.  If you do travel abroad regularly, it is also wise to look for a credit card that will offer you a savings points program that can help you to save on flights and accommodation costs.

Getting The Best Deal While Shopping

When it comes to making your money go far, then shopping in the same places as the locals can be a great way to enjoy your holiday on a budget.  Many destinations around the world will have a strong bargaining culture, and if you do learn a little of the language before traveling bartering for your food and other goods can be an enjoyable part of the holiday.  You won’t usually be able to drive quite as hard a bargain as the locals, but the goods on offer at the markets and stalls will usually still be much cheaper and better value than those in department stores or supermarkets.

Planning Ahead

We all know that we will be spending money whilst on holiday, but the key point to getting the best deal is to plan when you will be spending that money and find the cheapest way to do so.  It is also wise to research your destination and to see what others are saying about haggling for the best prices and exchanging currency in that country.  By being tight with your money in the right areas, you can enjoy more experiences and splurge on the things that you will enjoy most on holiday.

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