How to travel the USA for cheap.

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Are you coming to the United States and want to see many destinations without paying the high costs of airline flights? Or do you already live here and just want to break away from your 9 – 5 for some sightseeing in your own backyard? I’ve got two awesome travel deals for you that just might make your day.

Traveling can be expensive. If you don’t do it right. Either you rent a car and drive around everywhere while paying for the rental and filling the tank up every 300 to 400 miles, or you jet around which can be even more expensive, right? Wrong. You don’t have to resort to either one of these bank-busting methods if you don’t want to.

Travel Deal 1: Amtrak USA Rail pass

The Amtrak USA Rail pass sounds like a pretty cheap deal. For just $389 bucks for 15 days of travel within 8 segments, it’s definitely a cheaper option than renting an economy car for 15 days and then paying for gas. Other options are also the 30-day and even a 45-day pass for $749. You can see a lot of America in 45 days! Here’s the deal.

Want even cheaper? Keep reading.

Travel Deal 2: Greyhound Discovery Pass

While I personally don’t care for Greyhound buses, this is still an awesome deal. And you get more days to travel for even less money than Amtrak’s deal. 15 days of busing around the country will run you $339, but the 60-day ticket is only $539; that is pretty sweet if you ask me. If you don’t mind slow, long scenic rides across this wonderful country with about 40 other fellow bus-goers and constantly changing buses along the way, this deal is for you. It’s definitely the cheapest but also takes a bit longer, so make sure you have plenty of time set aside. Check it out here.

Food is cheap

It’s true. As a matter of fact, almost everything is cheaper here, especially if you are coming from overseas. As I mentioned in another post, the American dollar is almost worthless nowadays compared to the Euro, so if you get your money exchanged you’ll get quite a bit. And that means cheap eating and accommodations.

But if you’re really on a tight budget, the best combination of things for you to do would be to:

  1. Get a Discovery pass from Greyhound
  2. Buy your foods at Walmart (They’re everywhere) and cook, and
  3. Use CouchSurfing (again, CS is NOT just about free accommodation)

Work on Farms

Another option could be to join the WWOOF USA organization and see if you can work your way across America on farms. In most cases, you get free accommodation and fresh food that you helped pick! To join the organization and get a full list of all participating farms, there is a $30 registration fee.

This is something I plan on doing myself when I get ready to travel again. I want to travel up the west coast with my backpack and camera and log the entire trip. I’ll just be using my thumb instead of the travel options listed above :)

I hope you enjoyed this post and provide lots of feedback!

Do you have any travel deals that you would like to share? Make sure to comment about them below or shoot me an email!

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