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Are you seeking something new and adventurous when it comes to food? Even if you are unable to visit the Aegean Islands or Southeast Asia, it’s easy to sample the cuisines of those regions and more thanks to the large number of different ethnic restaurants that have been opened in virtually all major cities and many smaller communities across the U.S.

Thanks to the World Wide Web, it’s fairly easy to search for ethnic restaurants featuring almost any kind of cuisine you might imagine. There is also the old reliable hard-copy Yellow Pages, where restaurants are listed according to the type of cuisine that is being served. You’re likely to find dozens right in your own neighborhood. This is not an adventure for the shy – don’t be afraid to try something you’ve never heard of. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised. You may discover tastes that you have never imagined.

Your best bet is to visit a small, family-operated restaurant rather than the chains. Each of these families brings recipes from their native lands that may be centuries old – and two family-owned restaurants serving cuisine from the same country may be very different for reasons we shall cover in a moment. Large national chains on the other hand tend to be homogeneous and bland.

Of course, food service is not for the faint of heart; relatively few restaurants remain open past five years. Those that survive however often remain open for decades and are passed down from parents to children and grandchildren. This has contributed to the development of some increasingly sophisticated palates, One result of this is a proliferation of restaurants that specialize in cuisines unique to certain regions of a country, such as northern Italy’s Tuscany region, the Mexican state of Jalisco or China’s Szechuan province.

If you truly want to get intimately familiar with a particular country’s food offerings, however, you might want to try ethnic restaurants that offer regional food offerings. The diverse food items found in each region of a country help to make the foods prepared there unique and special, and this has definitely spilled over into the restaurant trade of today.

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