The Best Way To See Dublin And The Surrounding Area

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As the gem in the tourist crown of Ireland, Dublin is a city that offers a fascinating balance between modern architecture and culture and a varied and interesting history. There are many different ways to see this particular part of the Emerald Isle, and while taking a formal tour will give you the chance to see many of the sights, many people will prefer the independence of exploring themselves. A visit by car is one of the most popular ways of seeing Dublin and the surrounding Leinster coastline, and it gives visitors the freedom to really spend time exploring the sights that most interest them.

1. Getting To Dublin

For those wanting to enjoy the beautiful coastline and the cosmopolitan city, there are a few ways you can get to Dublin, and this will depend on whether you are planning to rent a car on arrival, or are bringing a car with you. For those traveling to the island with their car, a ferry running from the Welsh town of Holyhead or the city of Liverpool is the best option, and usually only takes a few hours by sea. However, for those renting a car then it means they can use the more convenient travel method of flying into the airport, and then they can just collect a hire car from Dublin, and venture beyond the city walls.

2. What To See In The City

There are a wide variety of different sights and experiences to enjoy in Dublin, and one area into which you cannot venture by car is Temple Bar, which is the pedestrianized area that is well known as one of the most vibrant areas for nightlife in Europe. The Guinness Storehouse is located a short distance away from the main city center, but is well worth a visit because of the fascinating insight into the national drink of Ireland, and for the amazing panoramic views that can be enjoyed from the bar at the top of the building. Those interested in the historic sights of the city will find that Dublin Castle is well worth visiting, and while mostly dating from the eighteenth century, does include the Record Tower, which has survived the turmoil in Ireland since the thirteenth century.

3. Exploring The Leinster Coastline

However, the benefits of renting a car for exploring this part of Ireland really come into their own when you head out of the city, and along the coast south towards Arklow and Wicklow. Whether you are a sporting enthusiast who will have a bag of golf clubs in the boot or you simply want to enjoy the fantastic scenery of the coastline, there is plenty to enjoy. One of the most popular towns to visit on the Leinster coast is Wicklow, which is a charming and welcoming place that offers visitors a good range of places to stay, and easy access to the beautiful Wicklow mountains. Further south along the coast, the welcoming town of Arklow is a delightful place offering a warm Irish welcome and beautiful scenery that truly must be seen to be appreciated.

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