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Semitric is a website that writes and publishes about automotive technology as well as news and lifestyle. We’re committed to keeping our readers up-to-date on developments in the world of automobiles. We have a large collection of car enthusiasts who are eager to learn every detail of the world of automobiles.

What are your thoughts on making an original and useful blog about the auto industry? Write down your thoughts and then put them in a compelling article for us. Create your own experience in an unforgettable atmosphere.

For guests authors, it’s an excellent option to share their thoughts knowledge, experiences, and expertise with those who respect and appreciate what you have to say.

We’re in search of new and innovative content from writers across the globe who are creative. If you’re one of these writers, we’d love it if we could contribute your time and talent with us.

We’ll connect you to thousands of readers across the world. Consider your article being read and enjoyed by information hungry readers. It’s our commitment to provide them with the content they require and desire. We are therefore accepting guest content.

If you are a lover of traveling, exploring new countries, or staying in exotic areas, you could have tales of amazing cars, renting a car, as well as things to avoid and not to do about vehicles.

Experiments in visiting different places in the city could be the perfect addition to the content you share with us in the future.

We’re looking for car enthusiasts who’d write about tips and techniques for maintaining your car. We’ll provide you with more opportunities to write your articles on Automotives.


Guidelines for Submitting an Automotive Guest Post

When you are submitting your post to our editorial team, there are some guidelines you should adhere to. If any of the criteria aren’t met, the guest post submission could be canceled or rejected.

If you’re looking to write posts about the Automotive industry, be sure to adhere to these guidelines. We publish only the most well-written articles.

A quality article that is having a minimum of 800-words (800+ words) about vehicles. Include at least one image of 1200×800 pixels in jpg/png format.

The following topics are listed as ideas:

  • News and current affairs related to the industry
  • Insights regarding automobile ownership and dealerships.
  • New trends are popping up around the corner which can be useful for regular car owners
  • Car technology
  • Any subject that could be considered worthy of for a car enthusiast to read such as travel tips, car Stereo, Car Insurance, Cars Maintenance, Reviews of vehicles, etc.

Please be ensure that your article content isn’t plagiarized or duplicated otherwise, we won’t be able to select your guest blog. We don’t want to publish posts that talk about adulthood, Porn, CBD, etc.

The content piece you share with us for publishing must be informative but also entertaining and written by either you or your writer. It must be actionable and should contain concrete steps for doing something. These types of blogs are more preferred by the readers and we want to give them what they want.


Benefits of Publishing Automotive Guests Posts With Us

Backlinks – We will provide you with one Do-Follow and one No-follow link on your guest post to allow you to gain access. Your posts are in our hands. It’s our responsibility to ensure that your guest post is given 100 percent indexing by Google which is the world’s largest search engine.

For Ever – The guest blog post that is once published with us isn’t deleted, and will be there for an indefinite place on our site.


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