How will AI change what it means to be a School Teacher?


The world watched in shock and awe last year as GTP 3 wrote poems, created code from scratch, and predicted how famous politicians would respond. It made me wonder: if Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do everything, what will the rest of us do?   When the current batch of primary students graduates, what will they do when they step out in...

Going the Distance: How to Make Sure if Online School Is for You


Many people are considering online schools as a viable option to earn their college degrees. These programs offer students more flexibility and options in order to earn their degrees. These programs allow people to continue working at their current position while attending school. It also makes college possible for people who live in rural are...

Walls for Success: How to Build a Successful Learning Environment at Home

Study at Home

At the risk of sounding almost Barbie-like, I’m just going to say it upfront—school and studying are hard. This challenge is part of what makes learning and school so rewarding—and part of what makes it such a drag sometimes. We further our education so that we can strengthen our professional prospects and broaden our minds. That being said, o...

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