Best Honeymoon Cities in Europe

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After your wedding, you must be looking for the best place to spend your honeymoon. A European getaway is perfect for this objective, as it is home to some of the most romantic cities and attractions in the world. Some of them are listed below and should be included in your choices if you want to have the most unforgettable experience shared with your loved one.

Paris, France

Undoubtedly known as the most romantic city in the world, Paris still lives up to this title and never fail to make lovers’ honeymoon the best moment of their married life. You can choose from among the array of holiday apartments in Paris located around the city fit for your budget and style. You can book at one that is near the Eiffel Tower for a special feel.

There are romantic packages available for couples to make everything convenient for you. You can be welcomed with a glass of champagne and fresh flowers for the ladies and stay at warmly lit hotel rooms with the most comfortable amenities.

Arrange a special dinner at your private balcony with the Eiffel Tower as your backdrop. You can also pamper yourself with a relaxing massage for couples.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a Greek island with beautiful small villages. It is famous for its distinct architecture and whitewashed buildings located in the mountains, making it such a spectacular place to spend a romantic getaway. Simple activities can be done here, for you can just spend a lazy day inside your hotel room that is complete with amenities and watch the sunset together. For an adventurous day you can go yachting as it can also be fun and romantic. A Greek experience is certainly worth the time and money for you are sure to spend quality time to celebrate love and life together with your better half.

Venice, Italy

For a list of the most romantic cities in Europe, Venice is definitely always a part of it. If you want a relaxing holiday with your loved one, this city is a place to be. You will be away from noisy and crowded cities and spend a day tour riding a gondola and witnessing the rich culture of the beautiful city. You can stay at bed and breakfast hotels for a homey atmosphere and savor the finest cuisines in this part of Europe.

Classic gondola ride with serenade is definitely a must-do in Venice for first time visitors. Walking tours are also perfect for lovers like you. In one day, you can visit the old house of Marco Polo or explore Piazza San Marco.

These cities can also be part of your ultimate European honeymoon getaway. You can arrange a travel package with all these three cities a part of your itinerary. These places will never fail to make your honeymoon special. You never have to stay at the most extravagant hotels or dine in world class restaurants for you can explore these places doing simple things and being part of its unique culture and exquisite beauty.

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