App Development Models As Unique As Your Business

Every business requires a different strategy to meet its mobile application objectives. Whether you need a pre-packaged app to get to market fast, an app “starter package” designed just for your industry, or a completely custom app built from scratch, we can help. Semitric’s ready-to-run, app accelerator, and custom app options ensure exceptional results with maximum flexibility. No matter which approach you take, your Weblogistics app is ready for the multi-edge world, reaching all of your users across every device and operating system on the market. Mobile experiences that reach anyone, any time, anywhere, today and in the future: That’s Semitric’s future-proof, SLA-backed guarantee.

Mobile Solutions to Support Every Need

Using technology to attach to every touch-point including website, blog, social media sites as well as TV, radio, direct mail, and in-person events… we will help you build an opt-in database in a way that is seamless and non-invasive. All customers will have the ability to choose what information they receive and through which mediums, making for a better customer experience and action-oriented results.

Built For The Business, Every Step Of The Way

Semitric’s apps are designed with business users in mind, from ideation to analytics. Throughout the process, line of business professionals can quickly customize their mobile applications without writing a line of code, including:

  1. Create distinct user experiences by channel, locale, or environment
  2. Customize application features, business rules, layouts, styles, and languages
  3. Publish updates in real-time on mobile apps in production without requiring users to update
  4. Choose a wide variety of user behaviors you want to track for both real-time and offline analysis
  5. using your own analytics tools or those provided by Weblogistics
  6. Define URLs, data fields, processing characteristics, and more, all related to the unique backend systems feeding your mobile apps


Build Or Buy The Perfect App For Your Business

Get to market quickly with mobile apps that exceed user expectations and drive business results. Whatever your mobility strategy, Weblogistics got you covered.

So, what we can do for you?

  • Applications for iOS
  • Applications for Android
  • Applications for Windows mobile
  • Develop Apps for iOS with Swift
  • Full responsive objects
  • Full Support Services

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