Key Benefits to Upgrading to Wooden Flooring from Carpets

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Perhaps you have only recently moved into your house and have kept money aside to redecorate specific rooms. Alternatively, maybe you have enjoyed planning and redesigning a particular room in your home and are considering a more modern aesthetic? Regardless of your motivations, here are the four key benefits to upgrading to wooden flooring from carpets.

1.    Wooden Floors are Much Easier to Clean

First and foremost—and especially pertinent if you have small children running around in dirty shoes—wooden flooring is significantly easier to wipe down and clean by hoovering, sweeping, and even steam-cleaning.

Established flooring suppliers such as those found at offer a huge range of different wooden flooring finishes, sizes, paneling and other customized options to make for a beautiful—yet easy-to-clean and maintain—floor covering for any room in your home.

This way, you no longer need to constantly remind your children to remove their shoes when coming in from playing in the garden!

2.    Wooden Floors Add More Value to Your Property

It may well be the case that you have absolutely no intention of selling your home in the foreseeable future, but even so, it is always a shrewd investment to make upgrades and changes to your property that will add more value as a result.

Wooden flooring is seen as a more luxurious and expensive option than carpets and as such, can add value and worth to your home, with numerous studies proving that potential buyers are not only more likely to choose a home with wooden flooring, but they are more likely to make an offer that is closer to the asking price.

Furthermore, you can choose from a huge variety of different grains, shades, colors, and swirls in flooring options and finishes; you can even choose a different style of wooden flooring in the same color scheme for separate rooms.

3.    Wooden Floors Are Hypo-Allergenic

For those homeowners who suffer from asthma, hay fever, or indeed any other allergens relating to dust and air debris, wooden flooring can be a better option for your physical health and wellbeing.

Carpets tend to trap all manner of both visible and invisible debris, such as pollen, animal fur, hair, dust, and other random particles in between the individual fibers—even if the carpet is hoovered daily. Sturdy and durable wooden flooring is a much more sensible choice, therefore, than carpets; but is also better than laminate or tiles, as both can also trap dust and dirt in the embossing and grout lines.

4.    Wooden Flooring Complements Any Design Scheme

The fourth reason why wooden flooring should be your number one choice when redecorating your home is the simple fact that, regardless of the changing fashions and trends in interior design and home décor, the timeless nature of wooden floors means you never have to change again (unless you are renewing with the same product).

The versatility associated with wooden flooring, coupled with the overall enhanced aesthetic the material provides to any size or shape of room or interior living space, is why so many people choose to upgrade their carpets.

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