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Northampton is situated about halfway between London and Birmingham. Visitors often arrive on flights from London Luton Airport or Birmingham Airport for travel to Northampton. When looking for hotels near Northampton for a business trip, there are several factors to consider for convenience, quality, and affordability.

Hotels near Northampton for Business Travel

The best place to start planning any trip is by determining your needs, budget, and preferences. Business travelers are often looking for hotels that offer a convenient location, affordability, and quality hotel accommodations. When comparing hotels near Northampton, Holiday Inn Northampton West provides comfortable guest rooms with many amenities near the M1 for easy business travel.

Distance to the Airport

You are traveling far enough just to get to your business destination, so it makes sense that you would want a hotel that saves additional travel time. If you are traveling to Northampton for business via London Luton Airport or Birmingham Airport, you will likely be driving or taking a train to your final destination. How you will be traveling and the distance to the airport will influence your decision regarding hotels.

Major Roads and Public Transportation

How will you be getting around during your stay in Northampton? If you will be driving, you should look for hotels that offer easy access to major highways and ample parking for guests. Do you plan to use public transportation for some travel during your stay? If so, you should select a hotel that is close to train stations to save time when you need to catch a train.

Hotels with Meeting Space

The highest level of convenience and time-saving would be to book your hotel reservation and meeting space in the same room. Business travelers often don’t have a say about where meetings, conferences, or events are held. However, if it is your job to arrange hotel accommodations and meeting space, you may have the opportunity to make this decision. Select an affordable quality hotel that offers meeting and conference space to save time and money on business travel.

Always Consider Quality

Whether looking for hotels for business or vacation, the quality of the accommodations is always paramount. The minimum should be clean and comfortable, but there are other factors that may be crucial for certain travelers. What is important to you? Free Wi-Fi internet access, satellite television, a fitness room, room service, and a restaurant on the premises are some examples of amenities that you may want at the hotel.

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