The secret of winning a blackjack casino game

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When you have hard hands with you and they add up to eight, you should hit the dealers up card. If they add up to nine, you should double up the dealer’s cards from two to six and in the case where your cards total up to ten, you should double up against that of the dealer from two to nine. A total of eleven should be doubled up with a dealer’s two to ten and a total of twelve to twenty-one can be stood against.

For the case of soft hands, a casino member should hit if he has a total of thirteen to fifteen. The casino member should also hit if he has a total of sixteen to seventeen but in case a number between two to six is shown, you should double against the dealer.

For the case of splits, Aces and eights are the cards that should always be split. Fours and fives of tens should never be split. Nines should be split but not against sevens or tens or aces.

In the game, you should never take insurance unless you are sure that tens are on the table. Surrender should only be used when your totals are adding up to a figure of more than twenty-one. You should aim at enjoying yourself and do not interfere with other people trying to do so too.

You should always know that the dealer is your friend and if he is unfriendly then you should look for another one. You should only bet more when you are on a winning streak. Otherwise, you will harm your financial stability and you will lose more.

When you play well and by the rules, blackjack is a great and enjoyable game. The rules of winning should be at your fingertips to enhance an exciting experience. Do not forget to tip the dealer when you are winning.

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