Useful Tips to Market Your Used Car

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The market for selling a used car is a constantly evolving one. It requires you to be completely aware of what works in order to implement the right strategies.
Selling a used car is, in many cases, better than trading. That being said, getting a good price on it may require more than just putting it on the market. You would need to have an effective marketing plan to ensure that you get the best deal.

A strong advertising effort involves a good amount of thought and a thorough awareness of the present market scenario. The following tips will help you find ways to make the most of your used car’s marketing techniques.

Advertise Online

The first step to a successful marketing strategy for your used car is making your potential buyers aware of it. With 3.17 billion people using the Internet, chances are a majority of the people in your locality form a part of that. Therefore, the Internet provides you with the right platform to get noticed.

There are various websites that provide effective opportunities for marketing your used car. These are primarily focused on these listings. Most of these sites allow you to put up pictures of your car. You can also add a description and the specifications in the listing. While many of these services are free of cost, some may charge a small fee.

Local Newspaper and Magazine

Another way to market your used car is by submitting an advertisement in print. Local newspapers and magazines have separate sections for used-car advertisements. You can choose the ones that are more popular in your locality. Even though an advertisement in print may mean reduced visibility owing to the trend of digitization, it can be quite effective if coupled with an online marketing strategy.


Word-of-mouth works as an essential tool when it comes to marketing your used car. Have a used car to sell? Building networks through your friends and family can prove to be quite beneficial. The people that you know communicate with others on a daily basis. This forms a wide channel for advertisement.

In fact, 84% of consumers trust recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues about products. Of that, 74% of consumers have claimed that word-of-mouth works as an important influencer in their purchasing decisions.
Word-of-mouth marketing increases the credibility of the buyers since someone or the other in your network will be knowing that person.

Social Media Marketing

Did you know that 2.1 billion people are active social media users? Social media can prove to be an effective tool to advertise your used car. This is because it can increase the reach of your advertisement to all those in close proximity to you who have requirements to buy a used car.

For this, you would need to take a few pictures of your car and post those on selected social media pages along with the description and specifications of the car including the model and make of the car, any modifications you have included, details of the registration plates of UK and so on.
Additionally, you can also consider video marketing for selling your car.

Put Up Signs

One of the common and effective ways to advertise your car is by posting signs on your window, in the nearby grocery store, gym, and so on. You can print flyers highlighting the value of your car with pictures and contact information on it and distribute it in your locality.

Another way to advertise would be by putting up a paper written “For Sale” on the window of your car. Even though it may sound like an old-fashioned way to market your car, it is quite useful.

Stay Alert

While these efforts will get your foot through the door, it is crucial to keep a track of the inquiries being generated and the queries you are receiving. Always stay alert about the activity around your advertisement. Be ready to answer any queries that potential buyers may have. These methods will help generate interest in your car in leaps and bounds.

Ensure to provide complete information about your car and have an accurate idea about the price your car can get in the present market. To boost the prospects, you can also consider adding a small gift or a token to provide more value for the money buyers spend.

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