Do You Need Legal Counsel or a Marriage Counselor?

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Divorce is becoming considerably more common in our society. People involved in difficult marriages may view divorce as the only way to reach personal harmony once again. Yet, contacting a divorce attorney about a marriage that might be saved with additional effort seems hasty and impulsive.

Consider also that while a marriage or family counselor’s job is to rescue struggling marriages, Philadelphia divorce attorneys are not paid to help couples stay together.

Since a divorce attorney actually benefits financially from successful divorces cases. So before consulting with a lawyer, consider whether the relationship with your spouse can be repaired—don’t leave room for regret that you prematurely ended the legal and emotional bond called “marriage.”

Sometimes people contact divorce attorneys about marital issues because they feel particularly wronged by a spouse. You may suppose that discussing a possible lawsuit will discourage the idea of divorce entirely, or alternately might provide grounds for pursuing a case. Many people contact lawyers for both reasons because they think this step could help them make choices in regards to marriage.

However, you should keep in mind that fixing complicated marriages is not an attorney’s primary concern. Divorce lawyers earn their living by successfully concluding divorce cases, and if someone does not go through with a divorce, the lawyer does not receive payment.
Some attorneys may even try to convince you to proceed with a divorce before you are ready to make a thoughtful decision. You should be careful not to approach a divorce attorney too hastily, or you may feel pressured to pursue a lawsuit.

Visiting a marriage counselor or family therapist is another option available for potential divorcees who consider trying to save their marriages. Unlike attorneys, marriage counselors exist to aid people in resolving marital conflict.

If you and your spouse simply need direction or outside assistance in order to overcome disagreements, a counselor may be able to help you avoid a divorce case altogether. Marriage counselors typically hold high hopes for saving struggling marriages and are often able to point out solutions that you may have overlooked.

For people who have decided that divorce is their only solution, divorce attorneys can be incredibly supportive and useful. You may not want to consult a divorce lawyer, however, if you have not completely decided on divorce or if there is a possibility that you still want to save your marriage.

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