A Concise Guide to the Different Alternative Heating Options for Your Property

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In recent months and indeed, over the last few years or so, energy prices have increased to the point that some families, as are single occupants, are actually struggling to make ends meet and are looking for places they can reduce the costs.

Heating, more specifically central heating, is not only an expensive method of staying warm in the winter, but also means your whole house is warm, even if you are asleep in bed and only need a warmer bedroom.

So, with this in mind, here is a concise guide to the different alternative heating options for your property and how to use your central heating system more cost-effectively.

1.    A Smart Thermostat

First and foremost, and especially if you are a family who fully embraces modern technology, you should consider investing in a smart thermostat, which are both inexpensive and worth their weight in gold if you are watching your outgoings.

Just a selection of the main benefits of a smart thermostat include:

  • A reduction in your household energy bills
  • Benefit from various energy rebates
  • A way to drastically reduce your carbon footprint
  • Track your family’s energy usage
  • Control the temperature of your home from your smart thermostat

2.    A Traditional Fireplace

If you are someone who is less than keen on the addition of even more technology in your home, then there is a more traditional and, indeed, considerably more stylish option in that of the installation of a traditional fireplace.

Now, obviously, if you already have a pre-existing chimney and fireplace within the building of your property, this makes things considerably easier. However, these days, beautiful gas fireplaces London are an affordable, on-trend, and more realistic option, ensuring that your living room or any room you choose to install said fireplace is warm and cozy no matter the temperature outside.

3.    Solar Panels

Now, if you are dedicated to living an eco-friendly life and are incredibly interested in doing anything you can to help to preserve the natural world and environment around you for generations to come, then you could consider a more drastic change.

Solar panels, also referred to as photovoltaics, essentially harvest the energy from the sun by converting it into renewable electricity to power your home. There are two main types of solar panels Off-Grid solar panels, which are the choice for people who live in the country and in more remote areas, and On-Grid solar panels, which are suitable if you live in a more traditional housing estate.

4.    Infrared Heating Panels

The fourth most popular alternative to central heating is infrared heating panels, which are the newest option discussed in this article.

Unlike a normal boiler, infrared heating panels heat the object rather than the air in the room, using radiation released through panels on the ceilings or the wall. As people are becoming more eco-conscious, infrared heating panels are becoming a more common option in newly built households.

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